Ancelotti accepts all the mistakes this time

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Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti has admitted that his plans against Barcelona were completely wrong and that it was his own mistake.

Italian Just showing the most humiliating form after being hit by all-time antagonists as “alien” invaded the area 4-0 while they still lead the crowd above Sevilla, ranked second at 9 points,

“we try to find a way to dominate. Get the ball and press high. But after the 1-0 goal, the map that was prepared didn’t work and it hurt us a lot,” Ancelotti said after the game.

‘We were unrecognisable, everything went wrong, we have to forget that and move forward, we have a big lead [in La Liga]. I, the coach, am at fault.’

“It’s not our night. We feel sorry for the fans and must look forward to it. In the second half I tried to get the team to push higher but it didn’t work. It’s my fault. the ufabet report

” It was difficult because this was a Clasico game. Losing to Barcelona was painful. We have to stay calm and recover from our injuries. Don’t turn it into a big drama.”

“We don’t play like ourselves. everything went wrong We have to forget about it and move forward because we still have the advantage. I told the players it was my fault.”