How to play fish shooting games online

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online fish shooting games It is an animated casino game that combines fun and enjoyment. With the highlight of a light-hearted play style with full graphics, light, color and sound Make you fall in love with fish shooting games without withdrawal. with access to the service only for the first time However, if you are a new player and do not know how to play fish shooting games. We have how to play and rules to recommend as follows.

The first step to start playing fish shooting games

Is that you must be a member of ufabet by signing up for an ID. To log into the game Then choose your favorite fish shooting game style. We provide services in many rooms. Each room is different, just the graphics. Kinds of fish and rewards only Because the main goal of the fish shooting game is to bring the ammunition we have to shoot the fish that swim in the screen. This is a test of your own skill and accuracy. Each type of fish has different points and rewards.

The ammunition used to shoot fish each time. 

Is the stake that we go down, which ufabet has a play rate of only 1 baht per bullet, meaning that if you add 500 baht to the system, you can test your skills by shooting up to 500 bullets and of course There are quite a few bullets that will hit your target and will definitely pay off for you.

However, each room of the fish shooting game

Has different ammunition prices. So choose to manage the ammunition price enough for your stake. It’s up to you to decide for yourself. which if you are a new player We recommend that you choose a room that offers the lowest ammunition cost. To practice proficiency and familiarity before adjusting the price of ammunition.

Always keep in mind that Each bullet is your investment. So if you’re still not convinced, don’t just fire the bullets. Because that is a waste of investment in vain. By calculating the score of each type of fish, the calculation method is calculated: Number of ammunition x Ammunition cost x Fish cost. So if you shoot a Golden Dophin fish that costs 30 times and fire 5 rounds of 1 baht shell, you will get a reward of 30 x. 1 x 5 = 150 baht