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Popular roulette game It is a form and play in the form of an online casino. At the beginning comes from the French language of France. Where the word “roulette” is roughly interpreted as a wheel that is a wheel that looks small.

And there is not much equipment to play. There will only be part of the board and numbers, red stripes and black bars. And there will be a section of steel balls to play or to push the game too.

in the form of playing or the way to play online roulette There will be a section of numbers from 1 to 36 and 0 by the style of play will be board play The head of the table in the form of American style, where if it is an American style, there will be 2 00 numbers.

In playing or Dinner will be the person who throws In the part of the steel ball or the dealer in the throw to start play the game In the part of the numbers or the board if the steel ball stops at any one of the numbers in the part of the wheel The color that is the starting point can play to get the prize money. from betting of that number. ทางเข้า UFABET

Forms and conditions for playing online roulette games

roulette game

The form of play or betting in the part of online roulette games will have a form of numbers different That is in the part of the lucky number or straight number in the form of play will be divided It is part of 2 or 3 zones, also known as

In the first group, there will be a number of numbers. Starting from 1 to 12 

In the part of numbers group 2 starts from the numbers 13 to 24. 

As for the number of digits, group 3 is the number of numbers starting from 25 to 36.

But the numbers 1-18 are in the first half and 19 to 36 inch half table, the other part, which forms The play will have sections of even numbers and odd numbers and numbers. The color bar will be the black bar and the red bar.