Stephen Gerrard is confident that “Coutinho” will be more brutal than this.

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Aston Villa manager Stephen Gerrard believes Philippe Coutinho will be able to produce a better performance. After scoring 1 and 2 in the club’s 3-0 draw with Leeds United. 3

Brazilian national team players Moved from Barcelona Come to trade in the local “Villa Park”. With a loan contract last month. He is doing a great job.

Villa sit 11th in the table but with the additions of Philippe Coutinho and Lucas Digne last month, Gerrard will want to kick on and climb into the top half of the Premier League.

As for Leeds, they have won two of their last three league games but did lose to relegation-battling Newcastle United in their most recent fixture.

“Phil is not yet in the best physical condition,” Gerrard revealed.

“He still needs time on the field and training time. which he had not received much of such a thing before.

“But he’s adapted really well, the support at the staff. and the players were involved.

“He looks happy. We gave him a platform to enjoy playing football again. ufabet report

“If you saw his performance tonight, his skill, awareness, and vision If you don’t like such things You should stop watching football.

“Some of his work tonight was magnificent.”