Techniques for playing KANG cards

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KANG cards from the rules of the card which is based on the card counting. Of the bettor that must have the least points to win Therefore, the technique that ufabet introduced today. It will also focus on making the hand smaller as quickly as possible. Because don’t forget that Having fewer cards. Than other bettors It is considered a guarantee. That our points should be less than others as well. A collection of tricks to win the card. 

Techniques for playing can be divided into the following items:

  •  The 20-point kang card technique is to call. In the first turn after all cards are dealt. If we have a card that has a total of not more than 20 points, we can call it. Because it is considered to have less points in the hand than. Other bettors because the possibility To bring the value closer to 20. This means that all cards in the hand must be less than 5, which is the middle of the cards between 1-10.
  • Winning with a special card is a winning. Technique in the first turn. is to overcome A special card that, when dealt. If the card in our hand is a Tong, Sort, Color and 50 point cards. We will be able to win automatically. Unless other bettors get the same cards as us. You have to measure who’s score is bigger.
  • Kang Cards 3 cards, 4 cards by card tricks This applies the same principle as the 20 point technique, where whenever we have the same number of cards in our hand as the other bettors, for example all bettors have the same 4 cards but all cards in our hand are low. Over 5 or less than half of the possible points total Let’s assume that we have the lowest cards. We can call for requests to end the game. while the other bettors are still inadvertently This gives a very high chance of winning.
  • Avoid the draw and wait for the flow. This technique is a playing technique that uses the waiting method. Let the previous bettor discard his card first. and then we discard the flowing cards This will help us not to draw more cards from the pile into the hand. The number of cards does not increase. Especially if it is a high card such as 10 , J , Q and K, it is highly likely that the previous bettor will choose to discard these cards. We just wait to hold the high card first. But should not wait more than 2-3 turns or we ourselves will lose our chance to win. ยูฟ่าเบท