Vitality suspends “hammer” sponsor after Zouma kicks cat and still plays.

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Vitality, a British health insurance company West Ham United are set to suspend their partnership with West Ham United following a dramatic attack on a pet from Kurt Zouma

in recent days. The issue came to light after a clip of him attacking his pet cat at home was posted on the Internet.

West Ham later issued a statement condemning the behavior. While the French footballer expressed his regret about the matter.

However, on Tuesday night, manager David Moyes started Zouma in their 1-0 home win over Watford in the Premier League

, Zouma being hit by supporters of both. The team was booed throughout the game. While many view West Ham unfit to allow the player to play after the drama turned out to be. However, after the game, Moyes said they looked at the matter separately from football games. Ufabet Report

from the dramatic issues that arise Zuma was withdrawn by sponsor Adidas, while he was fined two weeks by the club. Along with cutting out of the team that will face Leicester. City this weekend

RSPCA British Foundation for Animal Welfare Zuma’s behavior has been condemned. Including disagreeing with the attitude of the West Ham club that still let him into the field At the same time, they were given the green light for the two cats that had been attacked. To be in custody,

Zuma is also facing legal issues that many parties are trying to demand his punishment.

Regarding the partners or sponsors of West Ham Football Club, it is a matter that must be followed up by many. But of course, Vitality has already announced that they will be suspending support. Because they do not agree with the attitude of the club. They view that animal cruelty is against corporate principles.

A key part of Vitality’s decision-making is the attitude and how the club responds to events.

Another partner, Experience Kissimme, has released a statement saying they are assessing the matter and requesting more information from the club. Umbro has recently condemned animal abuse . But there is no further action at this time.