What are Slavic cards?

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Slavic card game is a type of card game that is popular for all ages. As a card game that is easy to play The rules are not very complicated. But it’s fun by strategizing your cards to win against your opponents. Game reading skills and the form of cards. On the hand that have been adapted to play to win It is a card game in which the result wins. Able to judge at any time Even if there is any side that looks like a leading game It may turn back and lose. If the plan fails

For the most part, this Slavic card is popularly played on various online Ufabet websites. Rather than playing in a casino play to relax and take only fun. May not like the gambler as much But if it’s just for the fun of the personal game, I’d recommend it. This game uses some luck. But the planning of the game is also important.

Slavic card rules

How to play That is, every player will try to discard all the cards. In their hand as quickly as possible. The person who runs out of cards. Before the first person wins and is called the King. Or King and the person who runs out the last one is called the Slav or Slave.

There are rules for discarding the cards of the Slavic card game. many types Additional rules will be added as determined by the organizer. But with the same basic rules What will the card counting and playing cards be like? Let’s move on to the next topic.

playing slavic cards

Slavic playing is that all players compete to discard their hands as quickly. As possible in order to win the game. Can play from 3 to 8 people, but most prefer to play with 4 to 6 players. More by this Slavic card game. will be played into 2 rounds with the following methods of playing

In the first round , all players have equal rights, that is, ordinary citizens, equal, alternately discarding cards according to the rules of the game. The person who discards all his cards first in the first round will be the King or the King. The person who runs out of cards in the 2nd place will be the Queen , the player who runs out of cards last will be the slave and the person who runs out the last card will be the slave or slave.

In the second round, the player who is the King will be forced to exchange 2 cards. With the slave and the Queen will be forced to exchange 1 card in their hand with the secondary slave as well. In the event that the game has 6 people, there will be a position called “People”, will be brought up to explain in the part of the position.