What are the etiquette of playing blackjack?

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Etiquette and rules in The blackjack bands are as follows:

1. Do not hold cards with both hands. This is a basic rule in all card games, especially in blackjack where cards are dealt face down. Players must pick and hold cards with one hand. not holding with two hands This etiquette rule applies to both single-deck and multi-deck blackjack games. Casinos often enforce this to prevent players from cheating on their cards. Switch cards or interfere with the cards in the player’s hand. This rule is also beneficial for players directly.

2. Do not take the cards from the table. Players should not remove their cards from the table. Casinos are always cautious. They often check every activity at the gambling table with surveillance cameras. which if a player is found holding or removing cards from the table That player may be fired. or may be banned from entering the casino again

3. Do not touch the cards that are face up. If the dealer deals cards face up Players should not hold, pick up or touch that card. The dealer should continue to deal until the player’s cards are dealt.

4. Tell me your decision by sending a signal to the dealer Players must signal their decision to the dealer. Instead of just saying, for example, a player can say “stop the card” and signal the dealer. Players can query the correct signal before playing. which, as a general rule Bucking means “dealing cards,” while the gesture of waving over one’s cards means “stopping the cards,” or if you want to double your bet or split the cards. Place the required number of chips next to the bet chips.

5. Should not teach or tell other players how to play Each player’s strategy is different. and can be any So don’t try to tell or teach others how to play. This may affect the mood of other players and the atmosphere of the game when players have already played with their own eyes. Wait patiently until the dealer finishes that round. and come back to find a new player again unless other players seek your advice first.

6.Tip the dealer appropriately. Blackjack is a game where the house edge is relatively low. But keep in mind that dealers tend to have relatively low salaries, as are service workers. This means that their income is based primarily on tips. The dealer will not receive any commission or deduct from the player’s money. play in any way So most dealers are happy to see their players win. Players should not be stingy in tipping. if you hand up It is wise to tip the dealer. in order to show a little kindness to him. ทางเข้า UFABET