What is Dummy or Dummy card game?

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Dummy card game or Dummy is a popular card game. That is very popular all over the world. Especially cards on facebook, which now has a lot of people playing. It is known that the game is quite popular. It’s a game that requires numerical calculation skills. And a very high memory flair It usually takes quite a long time to play. For those who are novice players may not like it very much. Because not just having to study the rules mindful meditation but also getting late money.

How to play dummy cards

1. Initially, 5 cards will be dealt to everyone around the circle, which if the cards in the middle are the head cards Can be born with cards in the hand. It can be brought down to be born at all. But if you can’t do that, then you have to draw a card from the midfield and if it has happened, it can’t happen. Discard any card in your hand into the middle.

2. The second player will be the one who looks at the cards of the 1st player that the cards that come down in the pot will be able to bring it up to yourself or not If possible, a card from the middle is picked up and combined with the card in the hand. and put them together in front of the lap and discard 1 card in hand instead of the card that was picked up

3. The game will end only when there are 1 in 4 players who have arranged until there are no cards left in the hand and then it is called a knock, that means the end of the game itself.